Industrial Design

The major was the earliest industrial design discipline of the country and the only brand specialty in Jiangsu Province. In the 50 years of development, it has formed the teaching and research features engineering, and had a significant influence worldwide.

Being one of the interdisciplinary subject, industrial design stresses on the integration of multiple discipline. It focuses on the user analysis of industrial products, human-computer interaction, product epitaxial and services, technology implementation, as well as engineering structure  knowledge and applications. It emphasizes on product pre-define and innovation and practice of user research methods, as well as the technology realization and manufacturing process in the latter part of the industrial product development. It gives full play to the advantages and features of the industrial design interdisciplinary, makes comprehensive use of design, psychology, marketing, management, sociology, computer science, machinery, materials and technology and other disciplines of knowledge.

It aims to develop specialized design and technical personnel with innovative thinking and logical analysis who can work for enterprises, universities and research and development institutes engaged in networking and other information technology industry doing user research, interaction design, engineering design, new product development, teaching and research.